About us

Ardna | أرضنا

Ardna is an initiative that aims to build a community empowered with the tools and knowledge to lead a low-waste lifestyle free of plastic, while also providing sustainable alternatives to essential everyday products.

Our Mission

Making eco friendly products accessible to everyone while also providing a platform that educates our community about sustainability and low waste living.

Our Vision

We strive to build a community of supportive individuals working towards making this planet a better place for generations to come.


When sourcing our products, we focus on offering items made from materials that align with our sustainability goals, including those that stand the test of time, such as stainless steel, and materials that are naturally biodegradable, like bamboo.

Our commitment extends beyond just the materials; we carefully choose our suppliers to ensure they share our values. We seek out factories that adhere to our sustainability standards, prioritizing ethical treatment of employees, fair trade practices, and a commitment to minimizing harmful environmental impacts. We intentionally prioritize working with small businesses; it not only supports local economies but also reduces the likelihood of mass production, allowing us to maintain control over the quality of our products.

Empowering eco-conscious choicesTransforming lives through sustainabilityProviding eco-friendly solutions to everyone

How it began

After becoming increasingly aware about the affect that plastic has on the environment and how our daily choices and habits contribute to climate change, it became apparent to Haya, the founder of Ardna, that changes needed to be made, thus embarking on a sustainable journey to eliminate plastic waste and limit her carbon footprint.
While searching for eco friendly products and plastic alternatives, Haya realized that leading a low waste lifestyle isn't accessible nor convenient in an environment that doesn't support it, which made her take the first step towards change; starting Ardna.
"Trying to find sustainable alternatives to everyday plastic products shouldn't be hard. I founded Ardna because I believe that a sustainable lifestyle should be accessible for everyone, and by offering a wide variety of eco friendly products we aim to empower more people to take the first step towards a more sustainable lifestyle." - Haya, the founder of Ardna.

Colors of Purpose

Fresh Green
A fresh start

Fresh Green

This color embodies the fresh start that each eco-friendly decision offers, much like the tender beginnings of a growing plant.
Aqua Breeze

Aqua Breeze

Like the gentle waves that tirelessly shape coastlines, this color embodies the gradual yet powerful impact of every eco-friendly choice.


Much like the ancient forests that have withstood the test of time, this color symbolizes our enduring dedication.