Plastic free grocery shopping

Plastic free grocery shopping

Nov 28, 2023Haya Rabadi

Trying to avoid plastic during grocery shopping feels like a battle – we use it to carry our groceries, wrap produce, and package essentials. It’s especially frustrating to see produce with a natural outer layer, like bananas and avocados, also individually wrapped in plastic. But fortunately, you can always find a farmer’s market in your area where produce is fresh and unwrapped.

In Palestine's local souq you can always find huge piles of fruits and veggies picked straight from the tree or freshly cut from the soil. The scent of freshness fills the air, and the vibrant colors of produce presents a tale of sustainable agriculture, one pillar of our community.

So, how can we shop more sustainably?

  • Bring your own bags, jars, and containers:
    • Keep your reusable bags, jars, and containers visible – perhaps by the doorstep or in your car – to ensure you never leave home without them. This small habit can always save you a trip back home after you left or from the guilt of using plastic bags.

  • Mesh bags for spices and nuts:
    • Opt for mesh bags for nuts and paper bags for spices. Paper bags are eco-friendly and can be reused or recycled.

  • Choose unwrapped produce:
    • Always opt for the unwrapped options or head to the local souq in your area where everything is piled up for you to choose from freely. Also, seeing mushrooms, carrots, and potatoes untangled in plastic in farmer’s markets is so refreshing.
  • Glass jars:
    • Choose goods that are stored in glass containers rather than plastic ones, as they are endlessly reusable. These jars are environmentally friendly and serve as containers for storing food or sipping on your favorite drinks.

While it's frustrating that plastic often sneaks into our shopping routines, every effort to reduce its consumption matters. The convenience of plastic bags or pre-packaged items sometimes overshadows sustainability, but small actions make a big impact. Whether it's politely refusing plastic bags from cashiers or opting for milk in glass jars, each choice contributes to reducing plastic waste.

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