Your guide to travelling sustainably

Your guide to travelling sustainably

Dec 19, 2023Haya Rabadi

Travelling to new countries opens up a world of possibilities, but when it comes to sustainability, travel can pose challenges. Navigating unfamiliar environments that might not align with our earth-friendly lifestyle can be tricky. That’s why we’ve compiled a guide to help you prepare for any travel scenario, making sure you leave a minimal environmental footprint.

1-Refuse Single-Use Plastics:

-Bring your own water bottle:
It might be easier to buy single use plastic water bottles and just toss them once you finish, but this majorly contributes to plastic pollution and when plastic water bottles are in the sun for long periods of time the plastic particle start seeping into the water.  Instead, carry a reusable water bottle with you as most travel destinations offer drinkable water fountains.

Choosing single-use plastic water bottles for convenience may seem like an easier option, but it majorly contributes to the problem of plastic pollution. Furthermore, there may be health risks if these plastic bottles are left in the sun for an extended period of time because plastic particles may seep into the water. A more sustainable alternative is to carry a reusable water bottle, taking advantage of the drinkable water fountains available in most travel destinations. This not only reduces environmental impact but also ensures you have a clean and eco-friendly hydration option throughout your travels.

-Pack a Reusable Bag:
Toss a reusable bag into your travel essentials to avoid relying on plastic bags to carry the items you purchase along the way. This small addition makes a big difference in reducing single-use plastic bags.

2- Travel-Friendly Meals: 

In order to avoid eating fast food or food packaged in plastic, pack some snacks or meals in reusable containers for the flight or the airport. This way, you’ll ensure eating clean/healthy food without the hassle of plastic waste. 

3- Zero waste packing list:

Create a checklist of zero waste essentials for your travels, this is completely customizable but here is our go-to list:
Bathroom essentials- Reusable makeup remover rounds, safety razor, shampoo bar, soap bar,  bamboo toothbrush, dental floss, and bamboo hairbrush.
Important essentials- Reusable straws, reusable cutlery, cotton bag, water bottle.

4- Support local communities:

Make an effort to support local communities during your travels by choosing to dine at local restaurants, steering clear of large food chains, investing in handmade or locally sourced products, such as unique jewelry or spices and sweets that showcase the region's authenticity. Bringing back local gifts for loved ones adds a personal touch to your travels.

5- Transportation: 

Choose more eco-friendly transportation options while travelling, such as public transportation, walking, or cycling. Walking through the alleys and the streets is the perfect way for exploring any new city.

Just remember that travelling sustainably isn’t about perfection, rather making many small mindful choices that collectively contribute to a cleaner, less wasteful travelling experience. Every plastic straw, bag, water bottle, or spoon that you didn't use is a small but impactful contribution towards reducing the burden of plastic waste on our environment.

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